Ghost Designer

Sometimes a celebrity, fashionista, sportswear designer, rock star or iconic athlete feels compelled to expand their uber thriving empire. They want to continue branding there successful image and branch out. Hey and why not!? In our social media insta everything society this is really quite the norm.

And to be completely honest these projects are extremely intriguing and am always flattered to get the phone call that “so and so” wants to design a line of hats made out of recycled garbage or silk and what can I do to help make it happen?

People will stare. Make it worth their while”- Harry Winston

The dilemma is always the same. These individuals have super busy lives- music tours, shooting schedules, runway shows, training sessions, beauty treatments, families etc. giving them very limited time to create their dream line of hats or handbags. Although it may be very important to them, many times their accessory collections may be kicked to the curb because of these time constraints.

That’s where we come in.

How we work:

We meet with the client and /or there handlers to discuss the needs and vision of the client. We discover their favorite colors, fabrics; take there samples for inspiration, and basically come to understand the line they would like to create. It is completely there vision, there brand merged with our design expertise. Every step of the way we receive their approval or hand sketches to incorporate into their collection. In essence, it is truly their own. To ensure complete privacy we sign confidentiality agreements or NDA’s every time.

Our consulting services are as follows:

  • Shop the accessory market or hip neighborhoods with/without clients to purchase samples for inspiration
  • Fabric and Trim sourcing
  • Global sourcing and inspiration trips
  • Trend shopping and sample purchasing
  • Market analysis
  • Graphic Tech (spec sheets) Packs for all designs
  • Balanced cohesive design collections
  • Finished samples
  • Graphic line sheets
  • Trend/Mood boards
  • DVD of all designs commissioned
  • Daily communication with all factories to ensure a timely sample delivery
  • Provide client with all costs for each design
  • Work within all budgets for all markets
  • Work from our design loft


GHOST DESIGNER – provides all the services that you would hope to have from your own personal design professional. With over 15 years experience, amazing industry contacts – from fabric to factories we make exciting things happen. And we even make house or hotel calls complete with champagne!

Contact us today to schedule a meeting. Your complete privacy is guaranteed.